Meditation, Mindfulness and Inner Growth Work Classes

The classes are based around two essential tools: 

 - Meditation 

 - Presence (mindfulness)

These two practices constitute the basis of the Work. 

The classes are non-denominational, however, they maintain the connection with the contemplative traditions and other traditions where both practices have their origin. From this base, the Work develops around essential aspects of it, such as empathic communication, emotional intelligence, compassion, reconciliation with our conflicts and other important aspects of inner growth

Meditation is a natural practice, however, it is not part of our learning. There are people who find it simple and fluid, there are others who need some training. In this course, we will develop a progressive initiation to meditation in a flexible and simple way. It is not complicated and it is available to everyone.

The second axis of this method are practical exercises in the management of attention in order to add awareness to our daily life. Our attention flows naturally to the mind that usually wanders around projections about the future, daydreams about the past, judgments, desires ..., in general, are narratives that revolve around the self, me, mine, that is, the natural landscape in which the mind is usually immersed. It is estimated that a normal person has up to 60,000 thoughts per day and of these, 95% are negative and basically the same as he had the day before. 

Since our body learned how to skillfully perform a multitude of psychomotor functions (walking, going down stairs, driving, eating, writing, reading, washing hands, etc.), you can develop these activities mechanically without needing more than a few glimpses of Attention. An essential part of this method is to try to reverse this trend and to add, through brief exercises, awareness to our daily life. This same mechanicity can be observed in our psychological and emotional behavior.

In our work with groups, we learn to be aware of where and how stress and anxiety are generated and how we deal with suffering. Modifying our way of facing and processing the conflicts that life brings, helps us to remove "drama" from them, integrate them into our experience and understand that it is only through them that we grow in many ways through the process of overcoming conflicts

The courses are basically practical, since only practice can have an impact on our mind. It is therefore not a question of having more information, but of carrying out a work of connection with ourselves, progressive and simple that leads us to connect with our space of inner consciousness, with our own silence, with our inner peace. It's about instead of looking for what you don't have, finding what we never lost